Tennis Equipment: Play Your Best and Prevent Injuries


On this page you will get a general introduction on tennis equipment. Then we will point you to pages on how to select different pieces of tennis gear. Finally you will see links to reviews of tennis supplies.

As a passionate tennis player it is important to consciously select the most suitable tennis gear for you. Having good equipment enables you to play better and enjoy the game. Good equipment is also important towards reducing injuries.

The tennis racket is the single most important piece of equipment you need. A good method of selecting a tennis racket is to demo a few rackets before you decide on one. The next important piece of equipment is a good pair of tennis shoes. Especially if you play a lot on hard courts a good pair of tennis shoes is important towards preventing injuries.

Other than a good tennis racket and shoes you would also want to invest in a good tennis bag. If you play in tournaments you should have at least two rackets of the same kind and a tennis bag helps you to carry your rackets around. You can also use your bag to carry a water bottle, tennis balls, head and seat bands, and change of clothing.

How to select tennis gear:

Reviews of tennis gear: