How To Hit A Tennis Backhand With Two Hands


The tennis backhand with two hands can be broken down into 4 major parts. Please refer to Maria Sharapova’s photo sequence number as you go through the 4 steps of the two handed backhand.

Pivot And Turn Shoulder (Sequence 1)

Pivot with outside foot (left foot for right-handers). Then transfer weight to this foot while raising the heal of the inside foot up and turning your shoulders. The racket comes back because of turning your shoulders.

Take Racket Back (Sequence 2)

Continue with your shoulder turn. While turning your shoulder use your arms together with the shoulder turn to take the racket all the way back. When the racket is all the way back you will be looking at the ball over your shoulder and your body should be at least sideways to the net.

Swing To Contact (Sequence 3-5)

Bring the inside foot (right foot if you are right handed) forward into the court to get into a neutral stance.

To swing to contact three things should happen simultaneously. 1) Transfer your weight to your front foot while lifting the heel of your back foot. 2) Rotate your upper body towards the net. 3) Swing the racket head towards the ball. The path of the racket head goes down and then up to meet the ball. The contact point with the ball should be about waist high and just in front of your body.

Follow Through (Sequence 5-8)

After hitting the ball continue to rotate the upper body towards the net and extend the racket in the direction of the ball. When the upper body is facing the net and the racket is pointing at the net bend your elbows to wrap the racket over your shoulders.

David Nalbandian’s Two Handed Backhand In Slow Motion