Interesting Facts, Figures, and Titbits About Famous Tennis Players

Here are interesting biographies of famous tennis players. We have included trivia, lots of photos and video clips. So enjoy!

These days the top tennis stars in the world are well known among tennis enthusiast. Some players are well known even among the non tennis playing population. Players achieve such super fame due to reasons like fully dominating the sport or being very glamorous.

Roger Federer is a player who achieved super stardom in the recent past due to dominating the men’s singles game. Some tennis critics considered him to be arguable the best men’s tennis player who ever lived. With his win at the French Open in 2009 he is only a handful of men’s tennis players who have won all four grand slams during his career. Roger has won 16 Grand Slam Singles titles which is more than any other male singles player.

Anna Kournikova is a tennis player that became super famous due to her looks and glamour than her dominance as a top tennis player. Anna was a world class tennis player in both singles and doubles, but she did not win a single women’s singles grand slam tournament and won only two women’s doubles grand slam tournaments. But her glamour made her one of the most searched names on the internet during her peak.

In addition to fame, most top players today are well off financially from career price money, sponsorship and other endorsements.

Famous Male Tennis Players

Famous Women Tennis Players

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